Project Information

We need data logging system for many purposes including research, business, product prototyping etc. Keeping in mind these points, I have developed a complete IoT data logging system including hardware and web application. The device can integrate any sensors of analog and digital. Many of sensor submodules can be cascaded via LAN Port integrated with the device. The device broadcast data realtime basis and the web application store the data and demonstrate real-time visualization of the data. The user can open an account here .

The device is operating now different places for different purposes. Here are a few descriptions of the current operations.

  1. Logging Lead Acid Battery Charger Performance data. The Charger was developed by me which is installed at Kishoregonj.  The project Supervisor Dr. Ziaru Rahman Khan and Funded by GIZ(German Bangladesh Cooperation)
  2. Logging Solar PV system data of a research group of University of Southampton, UK
  3. Weather Monitoring System of IICT BUET
  4. Water Pollution Measurement by Dr. Harun-Ur Rashid, Professor, Dept. of BUET

After Logging into the web application you will get a dashboard where you can add devices, visualize data real-time or download data for offline analysis.

Few Screenshots from the web application