Resume of Shuvangkar Das

Hi, I am Shuvangkar Das, research assistant and Ph.D. student at Clarkson University. I am a fast learner and easily adaptive to new technology. I am experienced with a wide variety of things. I value and practice growth mindset, deep work, documenting tasks, journaling, good relationship, simplicity, and discipline. I love reading books, writing blogs, and making videos as a pastime activity.

Summary of Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in full stack embedded system development.
  • Experience in power electronics control, simulation & hardware implementation.
  • Experience in power system modeling, state estimation & data driven CPPS.

Skills & Tools

  • Programming Languages: Embedded C/C++, Arduino, Python, MATLAB, JavaScript, Node.js, LaTeX, Bash
  • Simulation & EDA: Simulink, PSCAD, RSCAD, RT-LAB, Proteus ISIS, Multisim, PSIM, Eagle PCB,
  • Target Hardware: Microchip AVR, MSP430, ESP32, ESP8266, PIC18F, dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F, STM32, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, RTDS, Opal-RT
  • IDE & Editor: Atmel Studio, MPLAB-X, Code Compose Studio, Arduino IDE, Arduino CLI, VSCode,
  • Network Tools: Scapy, Wireshark, CORE Emu,
  • Protocols: UART, SPI, I2C, TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT, IEEE C37.118.2
  • ML Tools: Numpy, Keras, PyTorch, Pandas, Matplotlib
  • Application Development: ExpressJs, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, NGINX, MongoDB, Docker, VirtualBox, VernMQ, Google Cloud, Git
  • Other Skills: Content making(blog & video), Teamwork


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  • Graduate Research Assistant, SPSC Lab, Clarkson University(2021 June - Now)
    Working on NYSERDA Real-time Interconnection Studies and Control of New York Offshore Wind with the NYPA (2020-2023). Modeling and detection of cyber physical power system testbed with different physical and cyber faults
  • Senior IoT Engineer 2020 March – 2021 May adorsho praniSheba Ltd, Dhaka Developed three cutting-edge IoT products, i.e., Low-power Cow Bolus, Remote Cowshed Monitoring System(RCMS), and Base Station for sensor network employing modular firmware architecture, low power RF and microcontroller technology focusing on modern precision farming.
  • Embedded System Engineer (part-time) 2017 May-2017 Sep IICT, BUET The key role comprises designing a development board based on Microchip PIC18F microcontroller. So, the main tasks include designing circuits and PCB, fabricating PCB, testing circuit & writing chapter-wise code for the courseware.


  • PhD in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 3.923/4.00, June 2021 - Now
    Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
  • B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering , CGPA: 3.06/4.00, May 2012 - May 2017 Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh